Company profile (Figure 1)

              Company profile

BKYO GROUP comes from London, England, hereinafter referred to as: (BKYO), also under the supervision of NFA in the United States. Fully borrowing rich professional knowledge, we provide a rational trading environment for EA strategies: no minimum stop loss distance, BKYO no matter where you are in the world , are the first choice for traders at all levels. As professionals, we provide you with all the necessary resources and are committed to helping you achieve your investment goals.

As a global financial product trading service provider, BKYO has been committed to providing comprehensive financial trading products for individual and institutional customers. Unlike most companies that only provide single-market trading products, BKYO provides mainstream international investment products covering foreign exchange, precious metals, energy and major global indices. You only need to open an account, and you can trade all the above products on the same account and on the same platform.

BKYO mission is to provide its customers with the best spreads and various financial trading products in the market, while providing unparalleled transaction rates and the strongest solvency through the world's most advanced technology order trading platform.

After witnessing and experiencing the difference between institutional trading and retail trading, our goal is to fill this gap and provide you with a fair trading platform.

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